2017 Goals


I am not one on resolutions however I did want to create some goals. The fresh start of the New Year is a great time to do this!

»Save money! I am a lady on a budget. I was really excited to sign up for Digit. It turns out it doesn’t connect to the bank I use. I have been contemplating switching banks for a while, this was definitely the last budge to make that change.

»Read more books! I would like to put more use to my Nook and spend my free time reading. Michelle recommended OverDrive to me the other day, an app that allows you to borrow books from your library without leaving your favorite reading spot. This app will keep two of my goals in check! Needless to say I’m pretty eager to use this in the New Year!

»Spend more time creating! Since moving into my apartment I have a whole extra bedroom for crafting… however the lighting in this apartment is less than encouraging. I would like to make more this year (paintings, drawings, photos , hand carved stamps, pottery and other projects). I am afraid this goal will be the most difficult and unattainable even though it brings me so much joy.

»More adventure! Budgeting and saving have really effected this since getting an apartment and my current job. This year I would like to go on more trips, these don’t have to be far or long trips just something to get me out on an adventure. Perhaps more roadside attractions, they are usually free or cheap and are fun to find like a scavenger hunt. I think this will be the easiest of my goals! I am already planning to attend a music festival with small group of wonderful friends in March. And my parents and I recently purchased Audubon memberships to get into sanctuaries and preserves for cheaper rates. Did I mention how much I love hiking?;)

»Make the apartment feel more cozy. I moved into this apartment a little more than a year and a half ago with my boyfriend Alex. I would like to make some improvements on a few things like paint a few of the rooms(the landlord is fine with it, I just haven’t made time for it) find a better layout for the  living room or get some prints framed and hung out of my art collection. I have yet to do these things thus far, because it retracts from the save money goal and for the most part I like how it looks.This is probably the least important goal on my list and whether or not we resign our lease really affects this.

»A careerThis is my most important goal and affects every other goal on this list. I want to have a career, not a job. I want to be full time, not part time. In February it will be two years since I gave up my full time job. I gave it up because I saw it as a stepping stone- a great opportunity and experience, but the career at the end of that path was not what I wanted for the rest of my life. So I found my dream job and it has been AWESOME! The only problem? So far it has been part time and with what I get paid I will never be able to afford a down payment for a house.

Lets face it… list making is a very powerful and wonderful organizational tool. This list makes me so excited to see what 2017 brings. I might want to add some different goals later though for now I feel like these are attainable and a great start!

What are your goals for this year? 

A few of my favorite 2016 moments: Dome Homes.
A few of my favorite 2016 moments: Castillo de San Marcos.
A few of my favorite 2016 moments: Reflection pond.



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