National Bird Day


This past weekend Lexy asked me “What is your favorite animal? Is it birds, not a specific bird, but birds in general? Why do you like them so much?”

Although I do LOVE birds, I would never be able to narrow my favorite animal down to one Species, Class or Clade. Birds are beautiful to look at, have amusing behaviors, are modern dinosaurs and are very important to the environment. I consider myself a Bird-watcher. There are 9,956 species of birds on Earth over 500 of those can be found in Florida (here is a checklist). Birding is a fun and challenging hobby, an extension of hiking and photography. I catalog my finds with my camera and cross check the birds I can’t identify with the Birds of Florida Guide which is organized by color of the bird, making identification super quick and easy. I am slowly creating my own collection of perfect photos of different bird species. I also have a collection of birds eating (a Pileated Woodpecker eating a secondary termite queen, Little Blue Herons eating a crayfish and frogs, dozens of Osprey eating fish, etc.). There are chances to see birds everywhere and there is always a possibility to get a better photo making this a never ending hobby!

When thinking of Birding I can’t help but picture this scene and laugh:


Happy National Bird Day!

A pair of Osprey: male on the left and female on the right.
Barn Sparrow


Osprey and Willet

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