2017 Goals Update

Back in January I created a 2017 Goals list, (this is a few weeks early so I can’t say a half year update) but I felt like it was the perfect time to give an update.

»Save money! Saving money has been difficult to do. I live alone now and took over all of the bills before I had the income to support them. Looking back on it I should have just let things be for another 2 months. My pockets would have thanked me. I will be able to start saving this month and be able to pay off my credit cards completely by September.

»Read more books! This goal isn’t going that well either. My mind wanders to much when I am stressed or unhappy. I have finished: Fuck LoveScott Pilgrim Volume 1-6. Saga volume 1, 2, 3 and 4 I really enjoy the creativity behind the aliens in this series, who doesn’t love anthropomorphic animals.  I started reading a few other books as well that didn’t spark my interest enough for me to mention. I did try OverDrive after Michelle recommended it- an app that allows you to borrow books from any library in your county without physically going to a library. I highly recommend it! Ultimately I have not read much at all, perhaps that will change in the summer months.

»Spend more time creating! This goal has been the easiest on my list! I have made more than a few paintings, comics, chalk drawings and other projects. I have been inspired in so many different ways over the past few months.

»More adventure! I’ve had one adventure back in March to Okeechobee. It was a wonderful experience to somewhere I would never have picked on my own and will never choose again. I would never trade those 2 days spent with my best friends. The break from reality made me realize exactly what I wanted in my life and I was happy.

»Make the apartment feel more cozy. I moved into this apartment two years ago. Two months ago I went through my entire apartment to spring clean, purge and rearrange. My apartment is now all me and I love it. I feel happy being inside my home. I can blast music and audio books. I even turned the living room to face the wall I wanted it on. The complex has even been cutting down trees giving me a little more natural light (I am sad about the trees though).

»Make new friends and repair old friendships. This one is new to the list. I don’t actually know how to meet new people so this will be difficult. I have found who my real friends are since January (a sweet and sour feeling).

Although I am not feeling as optimistic about this year as I was in January, these have been really attainable great goals that branch into other goals!


Six Mile Cypress 3/6/17
Rotary Park 3/25/17
Waffles 2/12/17

How have your goals been coming along so far?


  1. I just reviewed my goals too! It’s crazy how quick the year goes. One of my goals is to go on more ‘coffee dates’ with friends – it’s too easy these days to just txt and chat over social media. It’s nice to have face to face interaction!

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    1. It has flown by! That is such a wonderful goal! I have been getting into the habit of having dinner with friends once a week and breakfast with a friend once a week. Face to face interaction is so much more personal!

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  2. I need to reflect on mine too. Reading through this makes me really sad. I didn’t think the recent changes had effected your happiness this much. I feel like I should have been doing more, or maybe not made so many stupid jokes about it.
    I’m glad you’re going on more adventures and reaching out to more friends. We will figure out how to make new friends.

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    1. Definitely make a reflection post for yourself. So much has changed over the past five months. I honestly was in a good mood while writing this post. I have appreciated your jokes, keep ’em coming. We will find incredible friends soon.

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